#New Visuals: Parlor Social - I Put A Spell On You (Official Video)

This year Halloween didn’t fall on a weekend it went up like the club on a Tuesday or whatever the kids said five years ago… but during this past season of Ghoulie Goblintry we posted a fantastic new take on the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins classic “I Put A Spell On You” by GFM Faves Parlor Social.

Well, today we get to see the vision and fruits of the labor as it were of the crowdfunding campaign that Parlor Social ran to make this visual a reality. First I just want to weigh-in with congrats all around to everyone involved. What a team that has been assembled(listed below)to capture the style, grace, and elegance that I know many of us ’round these parts associate with Parlor Social.

#Growns you know what to do… press play and share now if you keep hearing the request I just made and acting on it the spell is definitely working(hopefully).