Madonna turns 60: far from retirement

Madonna is turning 60 today. Will the global "sex-symbol", recognized for its bold and provocative side, be ready for the next decade? If we are to believe some observers who have followed his career closely, the Material Girl has not finished surprising us.

They are rare pop icons to know a career still very active once exceeded sixty. Aside from Cher, who is 72 years old, the examples of 60-year-old female pop artists are rather non-existent.

"Pop is considered youth music," says host Geneviève Borne, who has interviewed Madonna several times. Yet, in rock, longevity is greater and important, when one thinks of the Rolling Stones, Neil Young and The Who who are still active. Madonna is still pushing the barriers. She is a woman who has been a precursor in everything. And she continues to be. "

The last taboo

What will Madonna do in the next few years? The music columnist Nicolas Tittley would like to see her release a sexy album at age 65.

"I have the impression that this is perhaps the last taboo. She finds herself in a position where this is perhaps the most daring thing she will have to do in her life. When she released Erotica in 1992, she was at the top, in terms of age and looks. There, to be in her sixties, it could be really interesting to see how she will approach that. If anyone can do it, it's her. "

Influential and inspiring

Keyboardist Ric'Key Pageot, who has accompanied Madonna for several years in show, would not be surprised that the American undertakes another big world tour.

"When I started working with her, I thought that at age 50, she might stop touring to go to a residency somewhere. And then, 10 years later, she continues to give performances and surprise. "

"I expect her to continue to influence the world of music, fashion, design and touring," said the Montrealer. She will continue to inspire artists all over the world. "

Always at the forefront

"Madonna will be true to herself and she will continue to evolve," says Jimmy Moore, a Madonna Quebecer. She proves that age, for her, is not an obstacle. [...] She will absolutely continue to tour, perhaps sitting with a banjo, but she will certainly continue. "

Geneviève Borne is not worried about the future of the one who has given us huge successes like Like A Prayer, Vogue, Into The Groove and Hung Up . "His concerts are still full. I think it will continue to be relevant. She has a taste and she is always at the forefront of trends. She knows how to surround herself very well. When you have flair, it does not disappear. "

New audience

According to Mike Gauthier, Madonna's biggest challenge for the next few years will be to get a new audience. "She has an incredible media weight. It never decreased for her. His challenge will be to keep that weight in the media, to stay contemporary. "

"Currently, it's very strong for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, for example, on social networks, adds the music columnist. Will Madonna accept to be an artist of the older generation? She has always been number one. On Instagram, it still has 11 million subscribers, but Twitter, it has only 2.2 million. It shows that his audience is not rejuvenating. If you look at Lady Gaga, her Twitter is 65 million subscribers. We see that young people are not there for her. "

- With the collaboration of Sandra Godin and Yves Leclerc